Soul Ties book cover

The story of the Lands continues where the Soul Ties left off. This time, we're following the adventures of a Saxum called Kirin.

Kirin is a treasure hunter for magical gemstones. He ventures far from civilization and fights magical beings that protect the gems because he lives for others. He sells the gems and gives out the money to better the lives of strangers and enable people to do great deeds.

But his dreams of a happy, albeit difficult, life are threatened. Instead of supporting him, some of the people he loved betray, hunt, and almost kill Kirin. Instead of being ancient history, slavers are reborn, threatening to conquer the world.

Entangled in the political schemes, Kirin seeks allies to fight for the safety and freedom of all. He battles his demons and opens his eyes to the truth. But even with good people on his side, bettering the world is treacherous. He can only hope his Gods will protect him.

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