The Seekers is not the first book series that came into my mind, but is the first one I've really started putting on paper.
The series tells stories about two universes: the Lands and the Coel.

My first books Soul Ties and Kirin are solely focused on the Lands, but the Coel will be explored in the upcoming stories.

The world of the Lands is filled with dangerous beasts, warmed by lava lakes, full of exotic plants, and infused with the magic of nature.
This land is inhabited by various people, but the most numerous and influential of them are called Igni.

Not only do their species have a very distinct look, but they are very resistant to heat and can swim in lava lakes and rivers. Moreover, they have excellent night vision and hearing. They have big horns and sharp claws to fight their opponents. But the most significant fact about them is that every Igni is a hermaphrodite. They look rather feminine, but there are no females or males among them, allowing for the widest selection of possible mates, which was very helpful in their early days.

Soul Ties will familiarize you with the Igni, their world and their way of life.

Kirin continues exploring the Lands.

In this book, you will see the life of a Saxum. These people are second in the Lands by population, but the individuals are a bit bigger and stronger than an Igni.

Unlike the Igni, the Saxum cannot swim in lava or see in the dark. Instead, every Saxum can "feel the Stone". This ability allows them to feel what minerals lay deep inside the Lands, allowing them always to know where to start a gold mine or where to dig a well.

Each Saxum has four eyes, so blinding them is not that easy, and their size and bulk make them very resistant to blunt force. Yet, unlike the Igni, the Saxum don't travel much. Often secluded under the walls of their cities, they become susceptible to long-term propaganda or naturally become weary of outsiders.