I want to express my gratitude to several people who really helped me with my first book.

Will Nuessle was one of the first people reading my early drafts. Following his advice I rewrote a huge chunk of the book. And he was absolutely right, so I'm sincerely grateful to him. He also pointed out some insufficient explanations and exposition. I was honored to read the draft of his upcoming book, so I know that his opinion is not just empty words.

Anton D. Morris was another very instrumental person who helped me with my book. His advice about pacing, author's intent, chapter structure and wastefulness — I tried to address all of his points. I was lucky enough to have read the draft of his new book «Exposed: Humanity Craves Power». It's a very good read, so do check it out, as well as his earlier book «MEN DJINN & ANGELS: Awakening».

Exposed: Humanity craves power book cover Men, Djinn & Angels book cover

And last but not least — a person J. Unlike previous two gentlemen who concentrated on the global scale, J was extremely helpful in getting right the small, but numerous things. J's comments about insufficient explanations, unconvincing character behavior, or just punctuation and grammar — all of it was extremely helpful for the book's health. I was delighted to read the draft of J's great upcoming book, but it hasn't yet been published.